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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 24-10-2016 20:08
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 45
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Tags:campaign record, crazy drilling machine, deadlands, rpg

As the posse members pick themselves up, they are relievd to find that only Mick got hurt in the ~twenty foot fall, although Laughing Bear and his comrades are all unconscious.  They have rope though, and it shouldn't take much effort to climb back up out of the hole.

Nathaniel flashes his torch around, and notices a large mechanical surface in the darkness, moving accompanied by the sound of mechanical grinding and rocks falling.  As the machine swings back around to reveal the immense drill on its face, the posse begins to run.

To their credit, the posse grabs the unconscious natives as they take to their heels, McLean and Mick taking their time to fling bundles of dynamite.  The explosives roll underneath the machine and explode rather harmlessly, and the two have to dive to the side of the tunnel as the machine rolls past.

Nathaniel dives to the other side and finds a hatch, which he wrenches open and enters.  The machine ploughs onward, and Ingram falls before its churning blade, blood spraying into the air..

Inside, Nathaniel sees a four-armed figure operating the controls, recognising Victor Horsley from their trip to Devils Tower.  Before confronting him, he opens the hatch opposite, allowing Mick and co. to pile in.  Then the reporter politely asks Horsley to stop the vehicle and places the barrel of his gun against the back of his head.

The mad scientist flinches, and flips the driller.  The passengers are thrown around, and the treads shaken loose as the drill ceases advancing.  The rest of the posse mounts up inside the machine, and Horsley rises.  He rails against the posse for ruining his earlier plans, and promises that they shall not escape him this time.  He resists Steele's attempts to handcuff him and prepares to attack.

From the engine area another figure emerges, roaring and swinging a wrench.  Colt spins around and fires with his gatling shotgun, but his shots go wild and one plugs the enine head on.  As steam begins escaping, the wrench-wielding engineer screams that "it's gonna blow!'" in a familiar voice, brains Colt with his weapon and leaps out the side hatch.  Horsley follows suit, and a few posse members jump out to catch him, bullets richocheting off his metal hide.  An elephant gun shot stops him, though.

Nathaniel pauses to try and halt the death of the engine, but realises that he doesn't have the time, helping McLean grab Colt as the three jump from the machine in time to avoid the explosion that flings scrap metal everywhere.

Ingram turns out to be alive; it was the native he was carrying that got caught in the drill.  The other natives are fine, and the posse gets back to working out a way to extract themselves from the tunnel, now with the added burden of Horsely's unconscious form.

While that's being worked out, Nathaniel gathers some bits of machinery, and finds the engineer cowering in the shadows.  He too is familiar: under the metal implants is the face of Mortimer Johns, the miner who had been undergoing brain surgery back in Devils Tower.  He is angry at the posse for abandoning him, and would rather die than live on as an abomination.

Nathaniel explains why they got delayed in coming back for him, and persuades Mortimer to at least climb out of the hole with the rest of them.

The posse regroups above gound, bringing the natives to consciousness, tending minor injuries and making sure that the four-armed aumented Horsley is secure while he's out cold.  Charles, Mick and Nathaniel talk with Mort, and the wretched former miner realises that he can live on, even as a clanking, steaming abomination.  He ends up covering himself with a poncho and big hat, and heads off to wait at Mick's mine for future business opportunity.

As for Horsley, he is all too happy to talk when questioned.  He wants revenge on them, and now works for Hellstromme, from whom he gained the tunneling machine.  He was willing to take the job to kill them for free when Hellstromme wanted the posse dealt with on behalf of Sitting Bull.

The scientist is unrepentant about his expereiments on human life, and is hanged by the neck until dead, to the disagreement of none present.

Laughing Bear talks with the posse, and agrees that the chances of either group getting close to Sitting Bull or anyone else in the Sioux.  But if they can talk to Sioux war chief Crazy Horse and convince him of the hunkpapa wicasa's treachery, they may be able to turn the tables on the man that betrayed them!
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 10-10-2016 17:47
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 44
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Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

During the party with Sitting Bull and his group, Nathaniel manages to secure a photograph of the man himself posing alongside Mike.  Many of the other natives are less inclined to pose for such a contraption as his camera, but the silver-tongued reporter manages to convince several.  He conducts numerous interiews, with the intention of securing a balanced side of the argument to counter the pro-Custer propaganda.

Law presents the tomahawk of Jordrava to Sitting Bull, intending to return it to its rightful people, but a startled Steele quickly convinces the chief that it was clearlhy given to the posse for a reason, and they'd best not let it out of their sight until the battle's done.

As the party nears its end, Sitting Bull takes Steele aside to tell him that he knows all too well the Ravenites have infiltrated the Sioux, but couldn't speak his true feelings in front of his people since he didn;t know who to trust.  He insists that no mercy is shown when the posse ventures out to Turtle Rock; the traitors there are a dangerous threat.

The next day, the posse heads straight to Turtle Rock, McLean with a natty new eyepatch of native design, a gift from Law.  Despite having just the one eye, it is he that spots the cave entrance in the bizarre rock formation, and leads the posse down into the darkness.

As they discover signs of the people they were sent for, McLean is all for tossing dynamite into their midst, yet Steele douses the fuse and advises caution.  A shouted exchange into the darkness returns nothing but a demand to leave, and then a hail of arrows.

Animal-headed natives charge into the light with axes raised, and Law fends them off while Charles shoots at the supposed location of the archers.

McLean is hurt in the scuffle, but as the casualties are counted only two of the natives are slain, their leader removing his mask as he surrenders to reveal himself as old acquaintance Laughing Bear.  Not thinking for a moment that he may be a Ravenite, the posse questions him about what is going on: Bear and his friends were sent to Turtle Rock with similar instructions from Sitting Bull as those given to the posse.

As they collectively put two and two together, the cave floor gives way beneath them all!
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 23-09-2016 22:27
Title: The Magnificent Seven Remake
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Tags:cowboys, movies
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 31-08-2016 19:20
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 43
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Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

With a Rattler dragging Steele and Ingram toward its maw, the posse fights back.  Charles grazes the thing with a shot from his elephant gun, but the accumulated firepower of the others patters off its hide.  Then they hear the voice of the worm god in their heads, offering them opportunities now that its former high priest is dead...

In turn, our heroes confront and cast aside the temptation.  Then Colt opens up on them with his gatling shotgun, blasting Fay unconscious.  Law snaps at this and charges at the man rather than help against the Rattler.

The beast slams its bulk down at Charles and Mike, crushing them against the floor.  Charles crawls away with  broken bones,  but Mike isn't moving at all, and is soon snatched up by tentacles as well.

Steele clambers free, but Ingram, still struggling, disappears into the worm's body.  The mountie spots a large batch of dynamite hanging from Mike's belt...

Nathaniel blinds Colt with his flash gun, allowing Law to clock the madman until he regains his senses.

Steele clambers back up the tentacles of the Rattler as Charles desperately reloads, and pauses to snatch and light the dynamite from the miner.  He lobs the bundle down the monster's throat as Ingram climbs out of it, the manservant pulling the mountie clear as an explosion engulfs the room.

As the smoke clears, the Rattler remains rearing above them, Mike being dragged ever-closer to its mouth...

Charles finally gets his bloodied fingers to aim his rifle and shoots the thing dead, and the posse regroups.

Fay and Mike are alive, and with the help of the freed miners the posse heads back to Deadwood.  Days pass while they recover, and an expedition is mounted to dig the Rattler carcass out for display to the public, and the Rattler young gathered in the canyon can be exterminated.

The posse meets again with Charley Bull, who has arranged a meet with Sitting Bull.  The group - included a less-badly hurt McLean now - heads out of Deadwood, where a pair of native scouts takes them to a gathering of the Sioux tribes.  The great chief Sitting Bull speaks with them around the fire, and the posse explains their great deeds, and the evils of the Ravenites.

In front of his people, Sitting Bull is sceptical of the threat of such a small, radical group.  Steele makes a plea for coming to some form of peace with the white man before war consumes both sides, yet Sitting Bull is intent on destroying his enemy, Custer.  Still, the posse's triumphs have impressed him, and he confides that there are some rumours of a group of Ravenites gathering at Turtle Rock, and dealing with them would perhaps warm him to the posse a little.

Still, a party ensues, and the posse indulges in dancing, peace-piping and feasting with the Sioux, a moment of peace before the storm.
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 22-08-2016 18:16
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 42
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Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

As the posse high-tails it away from their decimation of an opium den, Nathaniel sticks around to see who comes to investigate.  He does his best to blend in with the Chinatown crowds, and follows a messenger to a grey-haired man feeding some pigs.  Could this be the power behind the criminal element in Deadwood?

Meanwhile, back at the hotel the posse tends to the wounded McLean and interrogates the captured Fong Bei.  The villain is all too happy to exult in his triumph, telling Law that his sister has been sent to die in the maw of the great beast of Worm Canyon.  He fully expects to be killed, as part of the ongoing generations-long feud between their two families, and is outraged when he is instead turned over to Marshal Seth Bullock to pay for his crimes.

The posse regroups and heads off to Worm Canyon, supposedly only a day behind the captors.  McLean, still horribly mauled, stays behind to recover, and the others - along with Dolores and Colt - follow the directions of Fong Bei.  They find a box canyon branched off the Cheyenne River.  The floor of the canyon rustles in the wind, and the walls are carved with human likenesses.  Screaming human likenesses.  Mike recognises several of the miners who were supposedly taken by ghost miners, and those old hands among the posse make out the distinctive face of Howls At The Moon...

A narrow ledge leads across the edge to a series of caves in the mouth of a tortured visage, and as the edge along they can see that the canyon floor is not covered in grass, but in worms and tentacles!  So that's where it got its name...

Law leads the way in through the cave, slicing through a half-dozen robed, purple-skinned cultists who were heading out.  In the darkened tunnels, the posse finds more cultists chanting, a few playing poker at a back table.  Mike lobs in some dynamite to take out the gamblers, and the posse slaughters the rest, leaving one alive to ask about the prisoners.  Having been blinded by the use of a flash gun, the cultist is confused, and so Nathaniel impersonates the voice of the 'worm Jesus' that the madman babbles around.  They learn that the cells are in a cave a level above.

Leaving the prisoner behind, they rush back in the direction of the cells, only to be ambushed by a group of cultists woken from sleep by the dynamite.  Shotguns blast into Law and Steele, but the posse fights through, ever on and upward.  They take out another three guards and in the cells are not only a handful of kiners but Fay, Law's sister!

The miners are thankful and pleased to be given a chance at life, but Fay is only up for getting some revenge, upset at having been imprisoned for so long.  She gleefully takes the offered claws that belonged to Bear On The Wind and leads the way to the cult leader, further atop the cavern complex.

There is an opulent room, especially considering the spartan quarters of the other crazy cultists.  The last gasp of cultists comes charging forward for a pitched battle, but fanatacism is no match for skill, and the posse triumphs.  With a few tremors and worms appearing during the fight, Nathaniel looks to the entrance and begins firing at an invisible foe.

Wounded, a discheveled and insane woman becomes visible, drenched in worm blood.  Her green eyes remind Steele of former companion Danielle Douglas, and she babbles about hearing the voices of the worm as the burrows away again, leaping up to attack the posse in hit and crawl strikes until she is brought down by further gunfire.

That's when the big worm shows.

A massive Rattler thrusts itself from the ground, snaring Steele and Ingram in its tentacles, dragging them toward its hungry maw!
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 14-08-2016 10:57
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 41
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Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

So, the posse gears up for storming the Cracked Pendant opium den to rescue Mad Jim McLean, Colt Light and Law's sister from the clutches of Fong Bei and his Seven Lucky Assassins.  While Mike, Law and coach-driver Dolores head around the back, Nathaniel, Steele, Charles and Ingram go through the front door as prospective customers.  They get a seat on a table near the curtain'd-off rear area, and cause something of a fuss by asking for food.

As things are about to escalate, twin shotgun blasts from out back announce the beta team storming into the back of the building, surprising three of the Lucky Assassins.  Shotgun fire erupts on both sides, but the Assassins have bombs, poison gas and a huckster to even the odds a little.  Mike flings some dynamite of his own in to add to the fun.

In the main room, panic erupts (as much as it can amongst opium addicts), and while Ingram directs customers to the exits, Nathaniel sets to blinding the attendant gunmen with his flash apparatus, so that Charles can pick them off.  Steele heads for the back room.

Fong Bei shows himself with the last three Assassins, and Law can hold himself back no longer.  He charges at his gloating nemesis, who casually knocks him out with his bare hands.  The lead Assassin flees into a side corridor with a comrade carrying Law like a sack of potatoes.

The posse engages in a firefight with the Assassins, Steele taking a serious wound even as Law's captor is downed.  Nathaniel drags the martial artist into an ajoining room - to the consternation of the cowpoke enjoying sme alone time with one of the ladies - and gives him a dose of a S&R rejuvenating syringe.

Fong Bei holds one-eyed McLean as a body shield, and the posse tries talking him down, as there's no way out.  Law comes charging out, swinging wildly with his spear and wounding McLean in the process.  Imagining the worthlessness of his hostage, Fong Bei tosses the man to one side and assumes his Shaolin stance.

The villain takes a few bullet wounds that leave him open to a stunning smack from Law's weapon, leaving both enemy and friend unconscious at Law's feet.

The posse hears the calling of Colt from the cellar, but there is no sign of Law's sister...
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 06-08-2016 09:59
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 40
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Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

The rest of the posse runs damage control to cover McLean's escape.  They stay to answer the marshal's questions, but organise leaving town on the next coach as soon as they can.  Nathaniel does spend some time and money in getting the printers to run counter-propaganda pamphlets.

McLean and Colt find themselves being chased by riders.  They try to outdistance them, but the masked leader leaps aboard their coach, demanding to know who they are.  McLean answers, fanning his hammer out the window.  A ricochet catches Colt, but then the attcker leans in.  Sam Bass is very interested in catching the infamous Mad Jim McLean, and he shoots him down.

The rest of the posse arrives in Deadwood without incident, despite the quarter mile of Custer's fortifications ringing the town. There is no sign, of McLean or Colt, but they do catch up with Elizabeth Burns and Dorothy Ingram, peacefully surviving like most of the terrified townsfolk.  Charles also hears much drunken nonsense from Calamity Jane.  Mike drives the claim-jumpers off his strike and regroups with his comrades, who are overjoyed to hear that a solution to the 'ghost miner' problem.

Nathaniel and Steele pays Charlie Bull a visit in the theater, and the informant tells them of the gathering forces: Sioux, Custer's men, automatons of Hellstromme...  He is given hope by the return of the heroes, and promises that he can arrange a meeting with Sitting Bull for them.

In his convalescence, Law lets the rest of the posse know that he's looking for his sister, and his enemy resides in the Cracked Pendant.  Nathaniel and Steele head on down to Deadwood's Chinatown to do a little recon, and indulge a little while slinking through the opium den.  They note the guards and the girls being used, and stumble out to rejoin the others.

Charles has organised a trip out to see if they can pick up where McLean's carriage went missing.  The posse sets out into the badlands, and comes across a coupla dozen Sioux just done killing a cavalry patrol.  A chase begins, and while Nathaniel and Steele can barely control their horses in their stupor, a combination of flash guns, smoke pellets and cojones pulls the posse through to escape.

The coach tracks leave the trail, and they find the coach, sans horses, on its side.  The coach driver - Dolores - is inside, and relieved to be rescued after a night all alone.  She explains that Sam Bass left her alive since he doesn't kill women or children, but he took McLean and Colt with him.  Bass's path leads right back toward Deadwood, and so posse - with Dolores in tow - heads right on back.

Once in town, Mike begins with his old contacts among the miners, and the drunk Gideon in particular.  He finds him in the bar, but is too slow to stop Law buying the man three drinks.  With a little reverse psychology Mike gets Gideon to explain where he was told not to tell ajyone he saw Sam Bass: at the Cracked Pendant!

Meanwhile, McLean wakes up to Colt's screams, and finds Milford Slake looming over him, gloating and now sporting an eyepatch.  He has both halves of the map now, but has to pay his old partner back before going to claim it.  He carves out McLean's eye, leaving him to be dealt with by his new friends...
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 30-07-2016 10:19
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 38 & 39
Access: Public
Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

Two sessions at once, this time; the first, having two players absent, was more of a travel montage / railroad trip that would have merited little on its own:

So, the posse takes the train from Dodge City to Deadwood via Chicago, through the twelve feet of snow that falls during the Long Winter of 1880/1.  It is low-going, with stops at many towns along the way that can last for weeks at a time as they wait for the tracks to be cleared.

In Salina, tensions between rival groups of miners almost break into gang warfare before the posse intervenes to bring the two sides together during a local dance contest.

In Abilene, a Presidents' Day baseball game marks a rare moment of non-violence between Union and Confederate forces.

In Topeka, the posse intervenes to save attendees of the College of the Sisters of Bethany from being kidnapped foe nefarious ends.

In Jayhawk Flats, Colt's gambling losses - in excess of his means - lead to him hiding out under rail lines to evade debt collectors.

In Chicago itself, a Winterfest is an opportune moment for Steele to compose himself, and fully prepare for what is coming.

Milwaukee sees the posse enjoying another festival, and crowning the 'Dairy Queen'.

Minneapolis has McLean finding love - and avoiding a shotgun wedding - much to Colt's chagrin...

In Fargo the posse supplies food to the starving locals, walled up in warm cabins.  They aid a man in tracking down a wendigo that was freed from captivity by others of its kind, and are richly rewarded for their efforts.

By the time they reach Bismarck in April 1881, the snows are starting to recede, but the train lines are taken out of action for civilians as the Union military sends trainloads of men to Deadwood to support Custer, and Warlord Kang's Iron Dragon railroad is assisting them.  News has been slow to travel during the winter, but it seems that the US government has decided to throw its support behind the rogue officer and his occupying force.  A number of propaganda pamphlets are extolling his virtues while demonising the 'savage redskins'.

While Nathaniel looks into who is behind these scurrilous rumours, McLean takes Mike - whose mining experience surely qualifies him to be almost as knowledgeable about demolitions - to check out the local bridge.  It may come to blowing it up to prevent soldiers from passing through...

Charles instead listens for rumours, meeting a man recently arrived from Deadwood.  He tells a tale of how his friends were all grabbed from him one night as they drunkenly stumbled past a hardware store.  The survivor was lucky to escape, but he can never forget the purple-dyed skin of his assailants, not the reeking stench they gave off.  Charles recognises the colour and scent of Rattler blood from the description...

Law goes wandring through Bismarck's seedy Chinatown for some more clues regarding his sister and her kidnapper, Fong Bei.  A wizened noodle salesman - upon learning his name and also being offered ten dollars -  takes him out back to explain more.  Law learns that Fong Bei is willing to pay big for his capture, and the old man's son begins beating on him with his bare hands.

Colt, left to his own ends with McLean away, happens to wander past, and runs in with his lasso to try and pry the martial artist off his friend.  But the true saviour is Ingram, shopping through Chinatown for cooking ingredients.  Armed with a flash gun, he manages to blind both attackers, and the team drags them off to interrogate them while Law recovers from the wounds he suffered.

Securing a bargain to let them live if they leave and son't inform his enemy, Law learns that Fong Bei and his Seven Lucky Assassins generally hang their hats in a Deadwood establishment called the Cracked Pendant, and Law's sister will probably be there too.  The old man and his son are then packed onto a stage, pointed East and sent on their way, Law handing over a wad of cash to take them as far away as possible.  At the town limits, the young man shouts out a promise of vengeance.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel has been poking into the newssheet distributors, finding the printer that supplies them and learning that one Chestwick T Perriwinkle has been putting things into production.  The printers, when pressed, are confused that they don't remember him ever paying them for their services...

Fearing some supernatural agency, Nathaniel meets up with Mike and McLean once they get back into town, and they plan to ambush Perriwinkle once he stops at the printer's again.  When confronted and told to stop, the smartly-dressed man takes offence, and asks the printers to throw the interlopers into the monstrous printing press itself.  They calmly comply.

McLean fumbles with his flash gun to blind a pair of printers, and Perriwinkle kindly asks him to shoot Nathaniel in the head as he departs.  Nathaniel's Hunting Grounds-souvenir Brock Payne hat is shot off his head while he struggles with the printers, and Mike manages to shotgun one of the reporter's attackers in the shoulder before he is hoisted over the railing into the manglers of the mighty machine.

Nathaniel tears himself free from the men wrestling with him and ducks to avoid McLean's bullets as he dashes to the big red emergency stop button and hits it.  As the steam engine chugs quiet the printers and McLean come to their senses, and the posse ponders what to do next.

McLean gathers Colt and tracks Perriwnkle to his abode above a fishmonger's, watching as the man is now accompanied by two burly gunslingers.  The guards notice the two hiding across the street, and hasten to obey Perriwnkle's order to 'kill them'.

McLean wastes no time, fanning the entire contents of his pistol into the speaker as Colt shotguns one of the gunmen.  The other gut-shoots McLean, but goes down for his trouble.

With a sticky mess left of Perriwinkle and plenty witnesses, McLean and Colt high-tail it out of town - commandeering a stagecoach that he'd kept on retainer for once he'd blown the bridge.

As the marshal is called and the rest of the posse either face-palms or gets to gathering incriminating evidence from McLean's hotel room, Nathaniel breaks into Perriwinkle's room to find any evidence of wrongdoing.  There are no orders from higher powers, but to an observant reporter many of the stories being written up are outright lis or exaggerations.  Taking a little of his Confederate currency, Nathaniel plants a little 'evidence' that the man may have been working against Union interests and takes his leave...
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 18-07-2016 18:40
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 37
Access: Public
Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

While the rest of the posse rests to count the fallen, Charles rushes after Needham.  Despite his wounds, the maniac has managed to outdistance the hunter.  Once outside the courthouse, he meets a worried looking Agent Pedersen, who lets him know that he discharged the entirety of his gatling ammo at the man, who fled into the night.  With some rough indication of direction, Charles heads off to track his quarry.

In the Mason temple, Bear On The Wind is dead, but McLean and Nathaniel turn out to still breath.  Law tends to wounds and after a few minutes Steele announces that it's time to set out in pursuit.  They too pass Pedersen, who points the direction and informs them that he'll set to getting a cleaner squad to tidy things up.

The posse re-unite within sight of the old Stiles farmstead, the trail of blood-spattered shoe-prints no problem to track.  There is a light on in the farmhouse, and they split up to try and corner Needham by a team blocking both front and rear exits.

On his way to the back door, McLean opens up the barn, and sees Needham re-fuelling Stiles' steam wagon.  With no hesitation, he lights and flings several sticks of dynamite, Colt slamming the doors shut.

Nathaniel heads upstairs in the farmhouse to get a better angle for a shot of the ensuing inferno, while the others come running to help McLean.  Colt opens the door to check if anyone survived, and Needham swings down from above the barn's transom.  He puts McLean down and bleeding within seconds, and then Law and Steele are on him with blades, Charles covering with his elephant gun.

Stunned by the high-calibre rounds, Needham is unable to defend himself from the onslaught, and Law slices him so deeply that he passes out.  They kick the straight razor from his hand and a strange transformation takes place.

Inside the farmhouse, Nathaniel has heard a commotion from one of bedrooms, and finds Tolliver tied up next to a strange, bearded man.  He frees his friend and interrogates the other captive, who identifies himself as Mike, a miner from Deadwood.  Nathaniel is quite stern in interrogating him, Mike explaining that the ghost miners have struck again and he came south to look for the heroes that helped fight them off before.  When Tolliver backs up the man's story that he was grabbed by Needham and taken prisoner, Nathaniel unties him.

The trio head outside to see that the others have tied up Needham, who has noticeably become a lot less healthy looking, his body less fit and some of the damage he'd sustained over the course of the fight showing themselves.  The posse threw him in a room under constant watch while they went to sleep to sort things out in the morning.

The next day, Needham is recovering from being beaten by Colt for daring to hurt McLean (who's still alive, btw), but more than happy to answer questions.  He admits to the murders, all the killings, but claims that it was the razor that made him do it.  The posse need to give it back to him, as only he can keep it safe!

The posse laugh off any attempt to let him free or give him his weapon, but they do wonder where the razor ended up.  McLean sheepishly admits to having pocketed it, and they break the damned thing pretty quickly, before wondering what to do about Needham.

Stiles stumbles in, risen from the dead and with his throat still open, demanding that they kill his murderer.  They talk him down, insisting that it's better that he face justice.  As they talk more over breakfast - Steele's mainly whiskey as he tries to get over not only seeing the dead rise, but everyone else's rather nonchalent reaction to same - one of Pedersen's men in black rides up to inform them of how well things are going in the covering-up-a-slaughter department.

The posse hash out options with the Agent, turning over Needham on the agreement that Stiles' testimony - wounded 'to the point of death' defending himself from the killer - will be enough to seal the killer's fate.  The Agency has a new judge headed to town , and the word of a beloved town hero will surely make the case a done deal.  Regarding the Masons, mention of the organisation will be covered up, but the cultists will be exposed as harmless until the fell under the influence of Needham, being killed in a cave-in in their lair.  The two surviving Masons are smart enough to play along with the Agency's plan.

The posse stays in Dodge to see much of the fallout, getting to know Mike at the same time.  Since they're heading back to Deadwood anyway, they agree to accompany him, although the rather ridiculous amounts of snowfall recently may make the train journey somewhat longer than it may otherwise have been...
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Laurence J Sinclair
Date: 11-07-2016 19:45
Title: Deadlands - The Last Sons 36
Access: Public
Tags:campaign record, deadlands, rpg

Violence erupts as the posse burst into the Freemasons' temple, with the mayor shouting for the interlopers to be killed.  Several burly brethren jump forward with masonry tools, but Law and Bear meet them head on and tear their way through.

That buys time for the lesser brethren to rab some guns and open fire, leading to a firefight.  All shouts from Steele for the 'heathens' to surrender are ignored.  Charles shouts for Needham to show himself, but there is no sign of the madman.  He makes up for this by gunning down the town judge as he rushes forward.

The mayor himself shouts for Needham, for assistance now that the posse have shown their faces as promised.  Then he spots the flash of a camera, as Nathaniel takes some evidence of the eerie rituals going on, and takes offence.  The cult leader gestures, and the stones of the temple strike the camera from the reporter's hand - clearly he does have some measure of magical power.

Colt and McLean are providing covering fire from near the doorway, fanning bullets into the crowds of cultists gathered about the seating.  Behind them Needham strides in, promising that no one will get out alive.  At his command, things tear themselves free from beneath the bleachers, severed heads scuttling along on fingers sewn to their necks.  Both posse and masons strive to climb to higher ground before they are dragged down by the abominations.  Nathaniel is dragged down alongside several cultists, the masons having their heads crushed and eaten.

The reporter is not killed immediately, as Needham moves forward, announcing that he will be taking back the boots he lost.  McLean bars his path, but a slash or two of his straight razor drops the gunman to the ground with bleeding throat.  Colt and Charles blast away at the neatly-dressed man, but he steps casually through their bullets, unharmed.  He approaches Nathaniel's unconscious form.

Bearrips his way free from the cultists that were struggling to hold him down and runs to oppose Needham, while Law barely escapes the teeth of the crawling teeth with his skin.  The black-clad Agency man that had helped the posse enter the courthouse enters the temple, having been drawn by gunfire.  After his gatling pistol is emptied, he charges Needham with his bowie knife.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the mayor runs through the door.  He doesn't go unnoticed, and Charles gives pursuit, shouting for the man to stop or be shot.  He refuses, and takes a bullet to the leg.  The mayor turns, lashing out with his magic to smack the Englishman with the stone door, and takes the next bullet through the heart.

The Agent finds that his blade draws blood from Needham where bullets had failed, and has time to shout it to the posse.  Bear charges gleefully in, his claws sweeping into Needham but also crushing the agent's body to death.  Law and Steele join in the melee, the former with a spear and the latter with bayonet fixed to his rifle.  They prod and slice the killer, who loses some of his calm upon finding that they can hurt him.

Needham slashes Bear across the throat, leaving him bleeding out on the floor.  He stumbles through the door, barging past and slashing at Charles as he begins to run at an inhuman speed.

Colt lassoes a crawling head that was intent on devouring Steele, and the posse brings the room under control, a remaining pair of cultists surrendering as they blast apart the heads.  Is there still time to catch Needham?
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