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Laurence J Sinclair
30 November 1981
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Lesse, maybe I should begin this bio with a picture of me having my photograph taken for a criminal record, or something...

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Then I can follow it up with some actual information.

My name is Laurence, as you should be able to read above, and doubtless you've also discerned my age by now, smart internet user that you are. But there's oh so much more!


I'm one of those sad gamer geek people. Not even those moderately trendy ones that play around with computers and stuff, but a traditional 'ooh, let's roll some dice' kinda guy. That fact should be enough to put you off.

If it ain't, the fact that there's not so much more to me should be. I mean, as my interests above show, my associated hobbies and areas of discussion are those peripherally related to gaming. I think that zombies and giant robots are cool, relax watching horror movies and japanese cartoons, and still read comic books. Hell, I've tried to avoid growing up so much that I've been at this here university for six years now and have stupid, long hair.

Memes are bad things. Oh, and I'm a pedant. But in real life I'm not this talkative. I have no idea how to sign off at the end of bios either.
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